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Are you part of the Borg or part of the Federation

Are you part of the Borg or are you part of the Federation? Are you for forced assimilation or free choice? Are you for group think or for independent thinking? Are you a drone or a Federation officer? Do you … Continue reading

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A Letter From Marty About New Regulations

The price of natural gas has went down to $1.25 here in Utah and the price of gasoline continues to hover around $2.80. CNG conversions have been on the back burner but there is still progress being made. Recently sent … Continue reading

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CNG Conversions Explained…

Commonly Misunderstood Facts about CNG Vehicles CNG Conversions Explained… Natural Gas Vehicles have been on the road for as long as gasoline vehicles have been around. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Vehicles have been growing in popularity worldwide over the past … Continue reading

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