Store offers CNG conversion kits, installation and training.

Buy Our CNG Install Manual Now (Digital, Physical & Phone Support)

Purchase our illustrated CNG install manual with optional hard copy as well as 30 or 60 minutes of live phone support. (All purchases are made securely through Gumroad.)

We offer the most affordable and proven aspirated and sequential CNG conversion systems available in the United States.

To order conversion kits, products, schedule an installation or get more information:

Installations Available

  • Diesel/CNG $1000 labor, plus parts
  • Aspirated $1500 Labor, plus parts
  • Sequential $2000 Labor, plus parts

Aspirated CNG Kit Prices

  • Basic Carburated CNG System $499
  • Basic Fuel-injected CNG System $499
  • Closed-loop Fuel-injected CNG system 4 cylinder $599
  • Closed-loop Fuel-injected CNG system 6 cylinder $599
  • Closed-loop Fuel-injected CNG system 8 cylinder $599
  • Diesel/CNG kit manual $499

Sequential CNG Systems

  • 4 cylinder $2200
  • 6 cylinder $2400
  • 8 cylinder $2600
  • (Prices subject to change without notice.)

Our Aspirated systems will work on any gasoline vehicle and with special tuning are adaptable to Diesel/CNG applications, 50% diesel. 50% natural gas.

A brief description of aspirated (mixer) CNG systems

The 2 main components in an aspirated CNG system are the pressure regulator and the mixer. The addition of a controller system which includes a ECU and Stepper Motor to regulate natural gas flow was added when closed-loop fuel-injected engines came out in the 80’s. The basic system with the regulator and the mixer still remains the most popular and most used system worldwide.

For more information see our FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about CNG Conversions


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