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Glenn Beck’s 75 Survival Tips

Source: GBTV Buy Farm Land Grow your own food. Live near people and begin to make alliances of skills (barter). Live near farm land. Electronics Free Paper copies of important documents Know where your deeds are. Take them in emergency … Continue reading

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Are you part of the Borg or part of the Federation

Are you part of the Borg or are you part of the Federation? Are you for forced assimilation or free choice? Are you for group think or for independent thinking? Are you a drone or a Federation officer? Do you … Continue reading

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Anyone Can Destroy But Few Can Build

“It works a magic to look upon distance. Some people can’t abide it, bigness makes them feel small, instead of offering a challenge. Big country can breed big men. There is knowledge in the muscles of a workman that goes … Continue reading

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