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  1. larry Burke says:

    I have a myriad of questions, however I’ll try to keep this short.
    What I am looking for, is a company that can A) Supply me with CNG kits and B) Give me timely support if/when needed.

    The short version of my story is that I plan to do this as a business, and am now putting all my ducks in a row.
    I am a qualified mechanic, for 40 yrs. and coming out of retirement to do this, because I see it as a worthy venture. Money is important mostly to the extent that it has to support itself. I do not plan on doing the future conversions myself, as I am planning to do so at present. But I want to train employees for the job etc.

    Can you help or guide me to someone who may assist me?

    • Jim Younkin says:

      Larry, I can help you in all of those areas, I will e mail you later, sign up for my newsletter so I can get your contact info, Jim

      • Daniella Ramisar says:

        Hi Larry,
        I’m from Trinidad an i imported a V8 Titan here but i’m having problems installing CNG in the Vehicle since no one seems to know how to do it and the Gas price is so expensive here. Is there any advice that you can give to me to help me install it???

        thank you

      • Jim Younkin says:

        There is an install manual on my Blog, what kind of system did you want?

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Jim,

    I am student and I am doing some research on CNG for heavy duty farm equipement. I am in California and it seems to be a lot of regulations?

    Is it possible to convert a Deisel Farm Tractor to CNG? Drawbacks? Positives?


    • Jim Younkin says:

      Send me an E Mail at with your contact info and the specifics on the equipment you want to power, Jim

      • Muhammad Akram says:

        Hi jim ,I wana know should the air intake restricted for G-10 Suzuki engine with carburettor.If yes how much the air intake should be blocked 50% or 70% or any other % . I will appreciate your response.

  3. Jim Younkin says:

    As far as I know there are no regulations for forklifts except NFPA safety regulations, Jim

  4. Jim Younkin says:

    What makes you think there would be a problem?

  5. Jim Younkin says:

    From my article CNG Conversions Explained:
    In the beginning the EPA wanted Cleaner Air (The Clean Air Act)(1). They targeted some cities that did not meet their “standards”(2) and asked them to clean up their air. With the power of the Clean Air Act the EPA was now in a position to offer a solution. They then mandated that some“Covered Fleets”(3) should “convert” a certain percentage(4) of their vehicles to AFV (Alternative Fuel Vehicles) thus helping the air quality. They offered to “Certify” CNG conversions(5) through a process already in place which was being used by new vehicle manufacturers. This would be good for the Fleets, if their conversions were EPA approved this would make them eligible for Federal and State rebates(6) and Incentives.


  6. Mike P says:

    Keep up the good work; I get really pissed at the self-serving jerks on that other site. Just curious which kits you sell and approx cost w/o tanks. I have seen a few Galileo kits available on ebay. I do have a Ford compuvalve system available but not particularly enamored with them. I also have a wide band analyzer and a programmable chip for the Ford products,

    Im seriously thinking of converting an Expedition or TownCar,, and possibly a tricked out (turbocharged) Mustang to go with a pair of bifuel F150’s daily beaters Ive driven for 3 years now. Ive become a real fan of cng!

  7. JD Willits says:

    I was told that you provided some sort of training in the CNG area. Is this a fact. Please let me know and give me some further contact information.

  8. Jim
    last month we spoke on the phone about converting a Prius Hybrid. My wife does not like the Prius, (nor did my 1st wife for that matter). After some shopping around she has agreed to a Highlander Hybrid. Originally you were concerned with the space a tank would occupy in the Prius so I’m guessing the Highlander SUV would be better for the conversion. Hybrid conversions have been done overseas like in the UK and I’m hoping to do it here. In our area we are lucky to have the Haynesville Shale production and CNG quick fill stations. Also, I’ll be using a slow fill in our home. We haven’t bought the Highlander yet but it will probably be a 2008 or 2009. An estimate is appreciated. Please include tank options. I really admire how you run your business. Thank you

  9. Bob Borders says:

    Lee County Republican wanting to introduce HB 70 to Iowa Congress. Have contacted 2 people which said it will have to be done next fall. need to prepare now. how can i get info on how Utah went around the EPA to allow noncertified EPA kits and get some competion going to reduce the CNG conversions?
    Would be interested in having a CNG business here in Iowa.
    where can i get detail about CNG. had an agument at LCR meeting last niight of which one member said there is not enough BTU’s to give you proper power W/O loss of mileage.
    i am an HVAC contractor and have worked with natural gas for over 30 years. i like N.G. products!

    any help you might be able to give me or point me in the right diirection[s] would be much appreciated.
    Sincerely, Bob Borders May 3, 2011