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Jim Younkin

Jim Younkin

My name is Jim Younkin, 34 years ago I started as a professional mechanic working on Air Cooled Volkswagen’s, I eventually branched out into Japanese Imports.    I have owned and operated 4 successful repair shops in 3 different states, Washington State, California and Utah.

In 2007 (along with many others) I became interested in CNG Conversions.   Now 6 years later CNG conversions are not a mystery, they are a business.   I started this Blog to help others to understand the  conversion process.

Many people want to convert to CNG, few people will.   There are many opinions about CNG conversions, most of them are just that opinions.    If I can be of help let me know, Jim

Selling and Installing CNG systems Nationwide for the past 6 years

34 Years Automotive Repair Experience (from oil changes to engine overhauls)
ASE Certified in all automotive areas both sale and service since 1982
CSA Tank inspector Trained
HASMAT Cylinder Inspector 2002
California Unlimited Emission Tester
Utah Safety-Emission Tester
Mountaineer, Ice Climber, Race Car Driver
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7 Responses to About Jim

  1. victor gutierrez says:

    I have a 2002 ford excursion v10
    is ther a kit conversion for it and how much

  2. Rich says:


    Thanks for the service you are providing the public. You are a hero of sorts and I hope you don’t take too many arrows!

    I live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl and have a new CNG station near my house(Wisegas). I have contacted that station by email and their recomended conversion mechanics by email. Non will respond. I am guessing that this is due to CARB requirments in my state. I am very interested in conversion but quickly becoming fustrated. Can you comment? Thanks!

  3. Yehudi says:

    I live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl and have a new CNG station near my house(Wisegas). I have contacted that station by email and their recomended conversion mechanics by email. Non will respond. I am guessing that this is due to CARB requirments in my state. I am very interested in conversion but quickly becoming fustrated. Can you comment? Thanks!

  4. James A. Whitaker says:

    Hello i would like to know if Raw gas direct from a gas well that has no oil in it will work using the filling station at my home i do not have one right now but we my family in south east kentucky own our own gas well that we have had
    for 60 years and it has 110 PSI pressure and easly runs 6 homes with plenty to spare i know most natural gas has been processed and all the impeurties removed so i would like to know if the Raw gas direct from the gas well might be ok to use for CNG. ? Also i have been looking at a conversion Kit that looks good from a company in Utah called energy and water solutions the kit only cost about $700.00 Dollars and it has auto switching between CNG and also has auto switching between CNG and gasoline or Manual switching . I have a 1999 GMC Pickup 1 / 2 ton
    with a 5.3 V8 so what do you think about the kit and is there better kits out there that will work better ? i dont mind paying more for a kit if it is a lot better i think i have the knowledge to install a kit if it has decent instructions with it
    i have all ready looked the engine over and i see what all i have to to convert it like the co-2 sensor wires heater hoses intake air fuel injectors etc,. so to me it looks simple enough the only thing i don’t know for sure about is the
    fuel injectors i know they need to be switched on and off like off when you are running on CNG and on when running on gasoline if they have a simple wire harness for that it would help with the connectors on the harness i th ink that they do have that but not sure yet… anyway i sure want to get switched over and if the Raw Natural gas will work using a filling station then i would be crazy not to switch because all my fuel from N. G. would be free Please if at all possible let me know what you think about the above and you can email me direct At (w8jim@comcast.net ) Thank you very Much in advance Sincerely Jim..

  5. Paul Doose says:

    I just finished adding a EWS millennium CNG kit in my 97 ford 4.6lL E-150 van, I bought used Type 2 tanks removed from a crown vic, got lucky with having a local source for Hyloc High pressure fitting and ss tubing @ Janco Process controls, 847-526-0800 Nick, wauconda IL north west of chicago,
    I use a clean energy fueling station that was installed at a waste managment transfer station 2 miles from my home, it only takes petro card for payment, I have a second fueling site 5 miles from my home but fuelman not friendly to private use vehicals, and have tried twice to complete there application but have been denied. I hope that will change soon, Im starting to see MV1 taxi cabs around Ohare and down town chicago, if there was a magic wand to get rid of greedy politictians in this state and people start understanding that with more choices we have to supply our energy needs it will benifit all of use.
    My fuel cost per mile with gasoline is 40 cents per mile, after checking my cost the last time i filled my CNG tanks, it was 18 cents per mile, OAT was 32f when fueling and only got 3000psi,
    I did all the work my self. It took around 20 hrs labor to install the electronics part of the kit, and 30 hrs labor for tank mounting and plumbing, I retapped the fill valve to 1/4″ npt, and used compresson fittings, I did not use the supplied plastic coated steel lines or any 6mm fitting. I added a pressure gauge before the coalescing filter, so it will be easy to detect a clogged filter.
    EWS has good instuctions for the kit, but I had to buy a old 32 bit computer to run setup software,
    It was my first CNG kit installed, and I am getting ready to add a CNG kit to my 2000 s10 pickup.

    It was a fun project and hope to find more people in my area of the country that are intrested in adding CNG kits to there mode of transportation. If more people can reduce there cost of energy we can still have fun like we use to do when pump gas was less the 2.00 per gal,
    also it seems like there is way to much taxes adding to the cost of CNG in IL, paying $2.45 for a gge at the fueling station, in Racine wis, price is only $1.79 per gge, but in the past year of checking the price before comitting on adding kit to my van, the price has gone up only 10cents per gge, as of oct 1 2012 price for 87 octane gas was $4.50 per gal. as of adding this, the price of gas has dropped to $3.50 per gal. I hope some of this info helps in motivating some of you to do the same.
    If you would like to contact me, put something about CNG in the subject line and will open it.
    email me at, prdcad@aol.com
    Total material cost $2500.00 including tank cost. I think it should take between 15k and 20k miles to pay for it, I have had vans last me 500k miles with the same engine.
    If we could convince the NG suppliers to start giving us better pricing on tanks that the masses could use, then they would not have to liquify our resource and send it off shore because we have no where to store it for use, someday I would like to see or build a LNG powered stearman or waco, we have the technoligy!!

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