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“In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
—George Orwell 1984

For the past 6 years I have been working on CNG Conversions and Writing Articles in my CNG Blog , with the help of my son Jim3 I have started an Open Forum to help the Natural Gas Industry to communicate, teach and grow.  I have felt the frustration as I have looked for good information for suppliers, installers and manufacturers of Natural Gas and LPG products.  This industry is the industry of the future, lets push it forward, Jim

Contact me anytime

Phone or text 801 4272284 offers CNG conversion kits, installation and training.

With over 32 years of automotive experience we bring much needed expertise and innovation to the CNG industry.

We offer the most affordable and proven aspirated and sequential CNG conversion systems available in the United States.

To order products, schedule an installation or get more information:

Installations Available

  • Diesel/CNG $1000 labor, plus parts
  • Aspirated $1500 Labor, plus parts
  • Sequential $2000 Labor, plus parts

Buy Our CNG Install Manual Now (Digital, Physical & Phone Support)

Purchase our illustrated CNG install manual with optional hard copy as well as 30 or 60 minutes of live phone support. (All purchases are made securely through Gumroad.)

Aspirated CNG Kit Prices

  • Basic  CNG System $599
  • Diesel/CNG kit manual $599

Sequential CNG Systems

  • 4 cylinder $1600
  • 6 cylinder $1800
  • 8 cylinder $1800
  • (Prices subject to change without notice.)

Our Aspirated systems will work on any gasoline vehicle and with special tuning are adaptable to Diesel/CNG applications, 50% diesel. 50% natural gas.

A brief description of aspirated (mixer) CNG systems

The 2 main components in an aspirated CNG system are the pressure regulator and the mixer. The basic system with the regulator and the mixer still remains the most popular and most used system worldwide.

For more information see our FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about CNG Conversions


59 Responses to NEW CNG Forum and CNG Kits for Sale

  1. Glenn says:

    AweSome!! I would like to find out what are the power equivalence and gallon to gallon energy density. What i am getting at is what vehicle range would I expect. Or How could I get a similar range to my old GAS TANK?
    I guess I might need more range since CNG GAS stations likely don’t exist near my location. I guess that’s why we keep the old system in parallel. WAY COOL!

    I have a 94 Cadillac Concours.21mpg $.41@ $3.60/ gallon premium. and an old dodge B-350 9mpg $0.37/ mile @ 3.30/ gal regular gas.

    Does CNG burn more like regular or more like premium GAS?

    How many gallons of tank would replace a gallon of tank volume to get the same driving range in miles or kilometers?


    GlennNDavis at fuse dotnet

    Also What do the tanks run?

  2. Neil Tunbridge says:

    I’m very interested in owning CNG vehicle. Are there some trucks that are better than others for conversion? I have a friend with a rebuilt Toyota 22R engine, would that work or a larger Chevy Vortec with more fuel tank room. I don’t deal with instructions very well, and was wondering if I could get help with the installation. I have alot of tools and fair amount of skills. I also have a ’95 Dodge diesel pick up with mechanical fuel pump, if it would work well and not cost too much, I would like to convert that also.

    Thank you,

    Neil Tunbridge

  3. Ace Logan says:

    Have you converted any Ford 6.4 diesel trucks? How did it work out as far as performance and MPG? Am currently operating 12 of these units at 7.2 MPG and need some relief! Can be reached by phone at 918 285 6653 or email.

    Thank you,

  4. Mike says:

    Does anyone have experience adding a regular gas tank and system to a CNG Ford 2003 Crown victoria dedicated CNG car? The car has a higher compression of 10:1 compaired to 9.4:1.

  5. Rob S. says:

    Can you please tell me which kit and extra parts (if any) I need to purchase to convert my 2000 8 cylinder conversion van?

  6. Harry Hesidence says:

    Do you have a system for 2009 Ram 6.7 L disel automatic 6 speed 3.42 gears now getting 18-19 mpg at 60 mph.
    What would you estimate the milige would be with your Kit ?
    Is this a duel fuel system or single fuel CNG system ?
    Does your system price include a fuel tank?
    How long would it take to install this system?

    H H

    • Jim Younkin says:

      I have systems that will work on your truck, typically you get 50% diesel, 50% natural gas, I charge $1000 to install, I have new and used tanks starting at $600, Jim

  7. Georgi Karabelov says:

    need a conversion system for a 2005 Toyota Corolla CE, V4 1.8 injected. Do you have the system and how much is it. does it come with the tank too. Thank you

  8. Timothy Hibbard says:

    I have a 2003 dodge ram 1500 5.9 litre gas engine truck
    That I’m paying 800$ a month for in gas! I’m driving 1000 miles a week. I can’t afford it anymore, but I have to keep my truck. Any information that you can give me is important ! Thank you . 417-483-0054

  9. Samuel Cunningham says:

    I have a 2001 mercedes Benz 320 SLK that we are going to convert , i am in need of your help , seems you are very upfront . Also also have 12 vans need to be converted thanks

  10. Hello Mr. Jim. Do you have available CNG kits for semi trucks. Cummins or Volvo engines ?

  11. Tom Holdaway says:

    I want to add cng to my 99 Powerstroke. Ted Magleby referred me. Could you email info about the kit?

  12. Timothy Hibbard says:

    Interested in your CNG kits for a Dodge Ram
    1500 2003 4×4 5.9 litre engine. It has 115,000
    K on it! Very nice truck but have been told by CNG sales in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that it has too high of mileage on it and that it would cost me 7,000$ to do if they could. They said that the kits sold on the Internet are not E P A approved and don’t work well at all. Could you send me some information on your kits through the mail, it is very difficult to find info on these kits. I don’t have 7000$ to spend on one either. Thanks for your time
    Tim Hibbard

  13. Ibrahim SEHITOGLU says:

    Dear Sirs,
    We plan to convert our HD Truck fleet to CNG. We have a sister company who work on LPG business for several yaers.
    We plan to do the by them. Our fleet has Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Renault, Ford and Daf.
    We need engineering supoort for the job.
    Do you provide engineering support for the engine modification?
    Kind Regards,
    İbrahim ŞEHİTOGLU.

    • imran says:

      Ibrahim , Which country are you located in ? Your fleet. Did you ever get the conversion done ? I am an American but travelling through Asia. There are the best CNG kits available here which i never saw in USA. And these are most widely used all over asian countries in all kinds of cars and trucks. Reply me if you need assistance.

  14. vako says:

    Hello, i am inerested in your CNG kit for 1993 toyota 3.0 diesel engine, it is 3.0 kz-te turbo diesel engine, with electronically controlled injection pump. could yo tell me how much will your full installation kit cost for my car ?

    thanks for your time, vako.

  15. Dennis says:

    hi, I have a 1966 6 cyl mustang. everything is stock except the electronic ignition. Can you convert it to cng? Can you give me an idea of what the total cost would be? thx Dennis 206 832 5222

  16. CNG Expert says:
    Nothing but answers for your questions!

  17. Melensdad says:

    What about BI-FUEL systems, do you sell those? I’d love to pull the big gas tank off the Ford Expedition and replace it with a 10 gallon tank, then install a CNG tank or two under there and have a bi-fuel vehicle that can primarily run on CNG but then switch over to gasoline for long trips when CNG may be hard to find. Do you have such a system?

  18. Tim Sheehan says:

    Now that Romney is going to be President, and he has announced his national energy policy will include use of domestic natural gas. We need pressure on the right people in Washington to build more CNG stations. Like one every 200 miles on every interstate Pipeline in America.

    I know you are thinking “good luck with that” but do you endorse any particular association or CNG group that can lobby for us?

    BLUE FLAMES – High HO Silver and AWAY!

  19. Edward says:

    I have a 2001 Chevy Cavalier it already has a factory CNG tank I was wondering how many gallons of fuel it hold.

  20. Jeff says:

    I took the CNG class in Dixie last April. The teacher there really speaks poorly of fogger systems–saying sequential is the way to go, but I can’t drop nearly $5k into a truck to save $2.50 a gallon.

  21. Dennis Weinhold says:

    Jim……I have an extended body E-350 Ford Conversion Van with a V-10. Do you have a system? I hope to have 3 or more tanks installed. Planning on pulling a mid-sized trailer for a few years.

    • Jim Younkin says:

      I do have systems that would work but tank placement and power loss may be a problem.

      • Dennis Weinhold says:

        This is a 2-valve head design. I will consider upgrading the valves and increasing the compression. I am thinking 2 small tanks would fit at the rear in place of the spare-tire, and two larger (long) tanks would fit between the wheel-wells inside the cabin. That space is covered by a bed and now used for storage.

  22. yasir says:

    do you have cng conversion kits for 2003-2007 lincoln town car and whats the cost

  23. Reed Stokes says:

    I have a 04 Buick Lesabre. Do you have a kit for it?

  24. Nathan Harrington says:

    do you have a Kit for a 2004 oldsmobile alero L4 2.2 ecotech? cost?

  25. Jeff Cold says:

    My daughter has a 1999 Cavalier bi-fuel she bought 6 months ago. She loves it and drives it to work every day. My son went to look at a 2002 Cavalier bi-fuel today, but the CNG wasn’t working. We just didn’t know how much money we could be getting into or we would have bought it. A new IMPCO pressure regulator on eBay is $275. Just the CNG service manual supplement is $200. I wish Haynes would come out with a CNG manual explaining troubleshooting tips, etc. Jim should write one. I can’t afford to drive to Sandy or hunt around for a CNG expert. If I can’t fix it myself, I don’t want it.

  26. Many Thanks for creating | The World’s First (And Best) CNG Blog. CNG Kit Sales, Installation and Info., I actually was seeking for something related and was thankful to come across the information by this specific post.

  27. Mark Sarno says:

    Hi Jim,
    I am thinking of doing a conversion to my fleet of delivery vans. I have 10 Ford E-150 vans with small 8 cly engines. We were given a quote of $8,000 PER TRUCK to convert. I can’t believe that it would be so expensive. What are your thoughts?

    • Jim Younkin says:

      I can do the conversions from $3500 to $6000 depending on the systems, that price is also for here in Utah, I can come there if mt expenses are paid, Jim
      801 427 2284

    • jim says:

      From what I have read it seems that the cng fuel tanks are the biggest cost. and they have a 20 year life if new. And cars, Trucks dont last any longer any way. jim ward

  28. Arturo says:

    Good morning Mr. Younkin.
    Looks and sounds like you do great work. I have an F150 4.6 from 2002 that I am determined to convert, and wanted some quotes for your service, both in your shop and also in the Bay Area where I live(traveling expenses and lodging added). Please let me know what you think. I’ve researched and looked around to find a price range between $2200-$3000 not including labor. I work on my car and truck but don’t really want to blow up… just kidding.
    Thanks for your time

    • Jim Younkin says:

      An aspirated kit is $600, the labor is $1500 here in Utah, I can come there if you pay the expenses. The tank is $1100. A sequential system is $5100 parts and labor

  29. Roger says:

    Jim, i have a 1998 Honda Civic GX that needs the high pressure regulator replaced. Is there any reason it cannot be converted over to a aftermarket system. If so what will the cost be? Roger

    • Jim Younkin says:

      It would be hard since it is a dedicated system but with enough time and money it could be done

    • jim ward says:

      Can you drive the GX with the bad high pressure regulator? If so How did you find out it was bad? I ask these questions because I have a 2013 civic GX with 13,000 miles and love the car the way it runs and rides. I just like trucks and vans so I’m not crazy about the body style. jim ward

  30. Tom Stark says:

    What is a good spark plug for CNG?

  31. 2008 Dodge 3500, 4X4, 6 Speed, 6.7 Diesel. For CNG Conversion. Thank you

  32. JaY says:

    So many new changes have happened in the CNG world now. Its almost December and now there are only about 5 MAJOR national and international competitors across the US. From my research I’ve notice that the majority of the US is slightly regulated with CNG capability, but the California market has biggest foothold (i.e. infrastructure) yet is the most restricted ( C.A.R.B.) Why is this so? Why can’t they sell bi-fuel?

  33. Enrique Mercado says:

    any place to install cng near fort lauderdale fl orida?

  34. brandon timblin says:

    I would like a price for complete conversion kits for these two vehicles:1964 f350 390 v8 and 2001 crown victoria thanks!

  35. We are manufacturing cng filler valve,cylinder valve
    100% tested gauranted ISO 15500

  36. arthur says:

    my name is Art, and i just finished putting my CNG kit to my 2005 silverado 3500 duramax diesel. it is a aspirated system with stepper motor i guest for close loop. my wife bought this from myCNGguy from utah. unfortunately they never called me back to answer my question even after i called and live massage for about 30x. this system came with DO5 installation schematic. my problem is the CNG fuel level sensor is showing i have no gas even thou i have 2700 psi showing in my gauge and also not sure if the solenoid valve attached in the reducer/mixer is opening cause my CNG gas is not getting less even after i drove 97 mls. can you pls help me with this. what instruction you have that can help me to diagnose the problem that i can buy. Joe Dalton from Utah are trying to help me but he said he’s not familiar with this kind of system. thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me….ART

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