Obama And His Gang

So, you don’t want to go along? You are trying to buck the Obama system? You want your independence? You want to be a capitalist?

Well, fuhgeddaboudit. That’s not Obama’s way.

You must suck from the governments tit. You must take our Obamamoney and handouts and in return give away your freedom.

We know freedom and independence doesn’t come from God it comes from Father Obama. It’s the Obama way.

You give us your freedom and we give you free stuff (bought with other peoples money). That’s how you do it in Obamaland.

You wait for the next Obamabribe. You wait for the next free money program it’ll be coming down the road.

We are in control. We have the power. All hail to Obama, the King of the World.

Us Obamaites are just doing the same thing that has been done in previous societys.

We say we are helping the middle and working class while at the same time building up enmity between the rich and the poor. Turning the have-nots against the haves. Taking the rich folks money in the process.

Yes, it’s quite a life for us Obamaites. We love turning the hearts of the poor against the rich businesses and rich capitalists.

We also make sure the workers leave us rich socialists alone. They sure had better not turn on Uncle Obama or he might just sic his enforcers, the IRS and the EPA on you all.

Its called the protection racket. We collect other people’s money. We give it out to those who support us and, in the process, we buy their votes and which insures that we are elected the next time. And there will always be a next time.

We, the Obama Gang, use fear to get what we want. Fear to keep people in control. Fear to intimidate others that won’t toe the Obamaline.

With our Obama tax collectors. The Obama press. The Obama EPA. The Obama teacher’s union. The Obama OWS. All of the Obama enforcers work together to spread the control.

We always have a piece of the action. Push against us and we might send an IRS agent to check on your taxes.

If you are a politician or public figure we may dig up dirt in your past. We can tell any lie we want since no one checks facts.

If your company isn’t one of Obamas favored green science projects we can send obamas EPA with a stack of new unsubstantiated, confusing regulations.

If you dare to stand for family values and even hint of homophobia (a made up word) the Obamagays can shut your business down and trample on your free speech.

Yes the Obamaway is simple. Take from whoever you don’t like and give to those you like.

Even though the Obamaway has been tried many times over the years it always ends up the same. Eventually the wealthy run out of money and, as the government and its programs gets top-heavy, everything falls over.

A country that has more takers than producers eventually eats itself. When this happens the Obamaway will be just another failed dream on the dust heap of history.

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1 Response to Obama And His Gang

  1. Noel Ingle says:

    Alternative fuel advocates are typically categorized as firmly in the Obama camp. I’m not an Obama supporter, but I am a CNG and electric car owner. Not for environmental reasons, but for lower cost fuel and more choices in vehicle fuel. The government hasn’t gotten in my way yet.

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