Glenn Beck’s 75 Survival Tips

Source: GBTV

Buy Farm Land

  • Grow your own food.
  • Live near people and begin to make alliances of skills (barter).
  • Live near farm land.

Electronics Free

  • Paper copies of important documents
  • Know where your deeds are. Take them in emergency
  • People act like russian gangs in times of trouble


  • Apprenticeships are the future.
  • Discuss the value of school for what you can earn.
  • Do not look for labels they will become meaningless (Yale).
  • Find other forms of school. Online.
  • Teach young children now that college is not a given
  • Demand merit from school and student or pull your time/$.
  • Educate yourself at all times. Always read.
  • Have a hard copy of important books and documents.
  • Learn old and/or lost practices.


  • Learn to fix an engine
  • Re-learn reading a map
  • Know the news. Life can change quickly.
  • Be able to defend your positions by knowing the other side


  • Preserve what is important. Shed all others. Conserve and
  • Preserve. Reclaim and restore.


  • Gold, food, cigarettes, liquor, sugar, ammunition, guns, seeds.
  • Skills (barter) knowledge.
  • Have 30 days cash on hand.
  • Buy a house.
  • Stop all excess spending. Buy quality only. Forget fashion only.
  • Measure twice – cut once. Do not waste.
  • Consider a fuel efficient SUV/truck.
  • Consider something prior to 1979 fix yourself


  • Live near like minded people. Texas, mountains or where god still plays a role in real life.
  • If you cannot move (no place will be untouched) create network.


  • Be the best you can be. Be the one employee no one can fire.
  • Small biz – be the product or service no one can cancel.

Conserve and Preserve

  • Learn from the depression.
  • Advertise when no one else is: Chevrolet.
  • Stay in business but downsize and preserve (arch).

Honesty, Integrity and Charity

  • Be George Bailey
  • Spit yourself out of the system. Turn upside down now.
  • Put your money where your heart is.
  • Do business in symbiotic ways – we need each other.
  • Do not try to put others out of business, let them do it.
  • Gimbles and Macys.
  • Never be the smartest man in the room.
  • Take care of your employees the best you can.
  • Take less and give more.
  • Read Franklin and Washington.


  • Do not plan your life and then move. Plan, listen and obey.
  • Practice at least Franklin’s American religion.


  • Honor all of your obligations.
  • Preserve – food, time, money, energy.
  • Teach your children the basics.
  • Values/principles.
  • Do with less now. Less of a shock if it comes later.


  • Join a 9.12 group.
  • Link online.
  • Phone and locations.
  • Have a meeting place established for family.
  • Read the bible.
  • Have a gun and know how to shoot it.
  • Resolve those issues that are holding you back.
  • Stop all behavior that does not expand you or others into good.
  • Make amends for what you have done.
  • Find peace and get to work.
  • Teach children work ethic.
  • Tolerate nothing that you feel is wrong by remaining silent.
  • Let your children see you stand.
  • Be honorable in all of your dealings.
  • Understand that anger is a part of life but never feed it.
  • The first look is not a problem. It is the second look.
  • Never be the best man/woman in the room.
  • Be happy and optimistic. Life will go on. Make plans for the future. Get married. Have children.
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1 Response to Glenn Beck’s 75 Survival Tips

  1. John W. Ward II says:

    Mr. Glenn Beck,
    Thank you for this advice. If all lived by this we would not be where we are today. I hope millions and millions of people read it, head it and live by it. Thank you for being a charitable person with your wisdom and other things you do for people.
    John W. Ward II

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