CNG Conversions and the Regulation Hammer

Is the CNG Conversion industry being hit too hard by the Regulation Hammer?

One of the biggest concerns people have about converting to natural gas is the cost and the legality of the conversion. The cost varies depending on the system and tank used, but the legality of Natural Gas conversions as a whole is still up for debate depending on who you talk to and that persons perspective or special interest.

An EPA regulator for example may say, if asked if CNG conversions are regulated “why of course you should make sure that all your conversions should pass all EPA regulations (if you can understand them?) and are blessed by the beloved EPA. As everyone knows the EPA has our best interests at heart, they always make all of their regulations and mandates as user friendly as possible. Their goal has always been to help promote small business and everyone has a high opinion of them. NOT……

As with most governmental agencies and their minions they spew out incomprehensible technobabble in the form of regulations. Then if you don’t comply or comprehend these regulations there is always a hefty fine for your troubles (or so they say). When a mechanic thinks about Natural Gas conversions they will ask about the year of the vehicle its engine size and considers what type of system would be best suited for that vehicle.

The question of fueling and tank placement will come up but the issue of EPA regulators is far from a mechanics mind. A mechanic is a problem solver a bureaucrat is a problem producer. Mechanics get paid to solve problems, the more problems they solve the more money they make, on the other hand a bureaucrat is more valuable to his agency and is able to inflate his budget and salary by spawning more regulations. So in this case there are people who get paid to solve problems and there are people who get paid to create problems. (at least for business owners)

Now just wait a minute, bureaucrats solve problems like global warming, human and animal rights, safety in the workplace, drug trafficking, homeland security, tax collecting,letter delivery and the list goes on and on. I should say that some governmental agencies are more beloved or least feared than others but on the whole they create more problems than they solve.

In the United States we have the Bureaucratic cart before the CNG converting horse. CNG Conversions can’t survive the hard blows from the regulation hammer, we need to put the producers at the front of the CNG conversion industry with safe NFPA 52 standards and just don’t assume that just because a person wants to do a CNG Conversion that they are doing something criminal….

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7 Responses to CNG Conversions and the Regulation Hammer

  1. dan says:

    In my research on converting a vehicle to CNG (or alternate fuel), I found answers to the same questions differing among EPA officials. Therefore it’s apparent to me the folks within the EPA are unable to stay informed on this issue.

    Therefore perhaps the best solution to a vehicle owner whom wishes to convert is to register the vehicle in a state without the requirement of a visual inspection or better yet a state without emissions testing.

    Unfortunately Utah is a state whereby a converted vehicle might prove expensive to the owner thereby negating the cost benefit of the conversion.

  2. Jim Younkin says:

    Dan,the only thing keeping people regulation wise are the local emission testing, I advise people to ask the person they take their car to to see if they will test a CNG vehicle, most either don’t care or just want to do a tailpipe test. The EPA and certification only comes into play if you want a certified system to get a rebate or tax credit, otherwise they are out of the picture. Jim

  3. Tom Sewell says:

    Dan I agree that the EPA is hurting this industry but we can’t just throw systems on vehicles and call it good because they run. I have done hundred of conversions and we can tune a CNG vehicle so the tail pipe is pretty dirty. I Like how the Canadians do it where any system Has to pass a tailpipe check when it is converted.

    Alot of the systems coming in from overseas are not rated for 3600. When we finally have a problem with the shade tree install everyone will blame the industry not the goof that installed the system.

    • Jim Younkin says:

      Tom, everyone has to decide whether they convert or not, it is not up to the state or federal government to regulate our vehicles, they need to stay out of our garages. It is because of government over-regulation that most people make less money and can’t afford the gasoline to drive their vehicles. These people convert out of necessity not because they want to be green they just have no green. Natural Gas is much safer than gasoline, as a mechanic of 32 years I would much rather work on natural gas vehicles than gasoline. If CNG conversions are to grow it will be without the government, it will come from individuals doing it on their own one car at a time, Jim

  4. craig lee says:

    JIM ,your system works great ,should have done it a year ago!! anyone reading ,this you need to get Jim to install a cng kit a.s.a.p. you will be doing yourself a big favor!!

  5. dan says:

    Jim, I’ve been reading about ,LPG Systems, being use in, Austrlia. These systems are superior to regular,CNG Systems, in that they use non-pressurized natural gas, can be fueled at home, and tanks are smaller. LPN, uses tanks with activated carbin which will store fuel in greater volume.System used is called, ANG (adsorbed natural gas), NOT ( absorbed natural gas), and fuel is more readily available. I believe, this is the system to promote, if for no other reason, is the availability of fuel where no compressed fueling stations are available…..a real problem! As for the, EPA…..bought and paid for by big interest. AS for conversion goes, I would be more concerned about insurance claims after an accident should a lawer finds out of such a conversion…would your insurer pay or hang you out to dry.

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