Converting to CNG Is A Good Thing

Talk about a complete disconnect from reality why is it that so many CNG enthusiasts spout the wonderful virtues of CNG like how it is the bridge fuel to the future, how it will get us off foreign oil, bla bla bla now comes the big stick, ha ha ha you really can’t convert your car to CNG, its illegal unless you do it our way, the regimented governmental way the only true and living way to complete and legal CNG happiness.

There is another way and you don’t have to go through the sacred government EPA Certified portal, lets just do it ourselves, on our own, the way every other county has done it worldwide. One system at a time, one customer at a time from the consumer up and not from the almighty government down. Sell affordable systems, provide training , customer and technical support and don’t beat everyone over the head with high prices, confusing regulations and limited choices in automobiles they can convert.

Converting to CNG needs to be easy, yes it needs to be safe but whats the big deal with all the sword rattling over the “tampering” issue when it comes CNG conversions? Do you see anyone getting upset when a tuner takes off his catalytic converter or if he bolts on a turbo or super charger? Are there EPA cops lurking around Diesel shops that hop up their rides with chips and aftermarket computers? Is there a pencil sharpening regulator hiding outside the homes of vehicle owners who live where there are no emission testing and they drive poor running vehicles with check engine lights on or their vehicles go smoking down the road. Even though many of these vehicles could be blatant examples of tampering if you looked at it that way but when you buy a car it is your car not the governments. I think some people just take this non-tampering EPA-regulating thing too far when it comes to Natural Gas conversions. If you don’t believe me try to do a CNG conversion without the EPA’s stamp of approval and some people think you are right down there next to Lucifer….

The dirty little secret is that there has always been a good old boys club when it comes to CNG conversions in the United States, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. In the case of environmentally stimulated CNG conversions you first have the environmental groups that complain to a governmental agency like the EPA about too much pollution, bad air quality, etc, etc, then the EPA comes out with an “endangerment finding” that gives them teeth to go after the polluters. With this “endangerment finding” they spew out complicated regulations and offer AFV’s as a solution to the air quality problems. Since these AFV’s (and especially Natural Gas Conversions) must be “certified” the converters will spend 10’s of thousands dollars to jump through all the governmental hoops necessary to get the governmental handout necessary to produce these clean burning vehicles and cover the high cost of the certification process. In the end as the handout dries up so do the conversions.

I have to say here that if a person is willing to jump through all of the governmental hoops more power to him but this hoop jumping is not the only way to CNG heaven, just convert your car. The carrot and stick method the government uses sometimes to get people to act is getting old, modern vehicles are so clean nowadays that a person can’t even kill themselves by running their cars in their garage. In the end each person is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their cars, its not big brothers problem. CNG is a clean economical solution to high gasoline prices and foreign oil dependence and everyone should be able to participate in its benefits.

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