Are you part of the Borg or part of the Federation

  • Are you part of the Borg or are you part of the Federation?
  • Are you for forced assimilation or free choice?
  • Are you for group think or for independent thinking?
  • Are you a drone or a Federation officer?
  • Do you worship the Queen mother or father God?
  • Are you tied down by the hives controlling “perfection” thinking or are you boldly going where no others have gone before?
  • Are you controlling your future or are you mindlessly shuffling forward like a drone feeding off of your electronic devices and regurgitating the mindless pap that the Hive Queen news anchors spew out?

Like the robots in Pink Floyd’s The Wall, falling off the conveyor belt into oblivion. Some day we will wake up and wonder where the Hell we are and then we will realize that we created that Hell by not resisting, we will be the Borg.

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