A Letter From Marty About New Regulations

The price of natural gas has went down to $1.25 here in Utah and the price of gasoline continues to hover around $2.80. CNG conversions have been on the back burner but there is still progress being made.

Recently sent a letter to Marty at the EPA concerning the proposed new AFV regulations, I am enclosing my questions and his comments.


I hope all is well with you. It has been a busy year for CNG regulations. I am told that the new regulations will be finalized soon, is this the case? I have a question concerning OUL CNG conversions, I was told and I may of misunderstood, but this person said that only vehicles with prior EPA certified CNG systems were qualified for the OUL status, is this true? Thanks for your help and have a good 2011.

A friend in Utah,

To which I received the this response.

“Hello Jim,

Hope all is well. I’m still getting used to typing and writing 2011.

1) Party line here is still: Regs out in “early” 2011. Wish I could be more specific but I can’t.

2) Not true that you have to be certified to use EPA’s OUL options under our proposed regs. Until the regs become final we still tell those that ask that it’s best to have some “reasonable basis” to know you haven’t done something to increase emissions when fuel converting an older vehicle. Speaking only for myself on this, I don’t think this means having only expensive sophisticated EPA certification type test data.”

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