Governor Herberts Letter to EPA concerning HB 70

Here is a letter sent by Amanda Smith Utah DEQ to EPA in response to their letter concerning HB70, I transcribed it, Jim
801 427 2284

Department of Environmental Quality
State of Utah
Amanda Smith
Executive Director

March 3 2010

Carol Rushin, Acting Regional Administrator
Environmental Protection Agency
Region 8
1595 Wykoop Street
Denver, Co 80202-1129

Dear Ms. Rushin,

I write this letter on behalf of Governor Gary Herbert and the State of Utah in response to your letter dated February 12, 2010 regarding 2ndSub H.B.70 passed by the Utah State Legislature on February 25, 2010. Please know that we have the same goal as the EPA, clean air in Utah, and believe that this legislation moves us towards this goal.

We understand that federal regulations pertinent to installation of CNG conversion kits are imminent. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality would like to continue to work in cooperation with the EPA in accelerating the certification procedures for compressed natural gas conversion kits to accommodate a readily available, cleaner burning fuel. While 2ndSub H.B.70 does not specifically prohibit installation of non-EPA certified kits, it also does nothing to promote these actions. Rather it creates safeguards for public safety and air quality by requiring testing and inspections for emissions and tampering on vehicles retrofitted for CNG within the State of Utah. These safeguards will remain in effect until such time as they are addressed by federal regulations.

Again, we understand your concerns and would like to continue the dialogue on how to address this issue in timely manner. Utah, working with the Department of Energy to promote cleaner and secure fuel, has made a large investment in CNG infrastructure and believes that this fuel is an important element in keeping our air clean. We look forward to a strategy that makes it as easy and affordable as possible to put clean CNG vehicles on our roadways.

Amanda Smith
Executive Director

About Jim: Jim Younkin is a mechanic with more than thirty years experience in automotive repair. His passions include car racing, mountain climbing, ice climbing, and CNG conversions. He enjoys sharing his passions and connecting with other of like mind. See more about Jim at
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