Utah CNG Technicians Show Obama What a Wrench Ready CNG Stimulus Plan Really Is!

Utah CNG Technicians Show Obama What a Wrench Ready CNG Stimulus Plan Really Is!

In 2008, even before Obama was in office, before he had even started handing out his “Stimulus” money for his “Shovel Ready” programs, here in Utah hundreds of CNG Automotive Technicians took wrenches in hand and created their own “CNG Stimulus” Wrench Ready Program. They converted 1000’s of vehicles to CNG without the help of Obama, Huntsman or anyone else. These Technicians trained themselves, sourced CNG Conversion kits, tanks, install components and then went out and got the job done.

Because of these CNG Pioneers and their entrepreneurial spirit, 1000’s of Utah’s motorists are now benefiting from low priced fuel, cleaner air, cleaner running vehicles and independence from foreign high priced gasoline. Now a year later as the price of Gasoline rises (it always does this just before the summer vacation season) motorists are again beginning to look to CNG as an economical transportation solution. The CNG Pioneers have the Conversion systems are now in stock, the Technicians are trained and ready and the Myths about the “EPA” that held many back are dissolving like vapors on a hot summer morning.

The UHP has realized (since their latest law suite) that “EPA Certification” has very little to do with Safety or Emission Standards. The EPA has openly admitted that they can not and will not “Certify” all CNG Conversions. In fact after looking closely at all of the EPA’s regulations concerning AFV’s (Alternative Fuel Vehicles) it is my opinion that the EPA only has Authority to regulate the Emission Standards of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Vehicles’ and the AFV Conversions they are paid enough Green to “Certify” (this certification is only good for the “useful life” 100K or 10 years).

CNG Vehicles are no different than any other vehicle driving down the road. As long as a CNG Vehicle is running clean and all pollution devices are operating (no tampering) they are perfectly legal. Yes, a CNG Vehicle needs to function correctly, they need to be safe (NFPA52), in other words they should be held to the same standards of all other Vehicle in the State.

CNG Vehicles along with every other vehicle are regulated by the State through their SIP (state implementation plan.) Plan. These SIP plans are proposed by the State and then accepted by the EPA thus transferring regulatory authority to the States for their Air Quality.

As this CNG Pioneer spirit rolls out from Utah to other parts of the country we can become an example for others. Last year we were caught unaware as the gas price slowly climbed. There is an old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Last year the Oil companies, Automotive Dealers and the Arabs took millions of dollars of disposable income from us. This year lets not let it happen again, let’s have our wrench’s ready and continue the Utah Pioneer Spirit and Convert.

CNG is plentiful, it is local, it is safe, it is inexpensive and we have the technology available today to convert any vehicle to Natural Gas. Speaker David Clark in the Opening Remarks to the 58th Legislature on January 26, 2009 stated “For the better part of over 150 years Utahns have proven that the pioneer spirit is alive and well and is still one of our core cultural values. We are a state born from adversity and persecution, …….So I ask you, my fellow representatives: Why are you here? Is it to prove a point? Or are you here to solve the challenges facing our state?” As David Clark Stated we are here to solve the challenges of this State.

A few of the problems we can solve through CNG Vehicle Conversion and usage are high unemployment, the high cost of living, families being torn apart due to financial stress’s, dependence on foreign oil, dependence on the government and lost freedoms.

You want Real Stimulus? Well try this on for size, as 1000’s of vehicles are converted to CNG, the CNG Component Manufacturers make Green and have Green to develop new more efficient products. 100’s of CNG Technicians are Trained, Trainers and training facilities make Green and are able to expand, develop new programs and train 1000’s more CNG Technicians. CNG Technicians safely and economically convert 1000’s of vehicles to Natural Gas and make Green to expand their own market and shops. 1000’s of new CNG Vehicle owners enjoy the Green as they save at the pump and Green due to lower initial CNG Conversion Costs (without government regulation). Our Children and Families not only enjoy the Green Money we bring home but enjoy the Green Plants and Clear Blue Skies. As you can see we created Green in our own pockets from our own efforts, not from Government handouts.

Jim Younkin is a mechanic with more than thirty years experience in automotive repair. His passions include car racing, mountain climbing, ice climbing, and CNG conversions. He enjoys sharing his passions and connecting with other of like mind. See more about Jim at http://www.younkincng.com
email: younkin@gmail.com or 801-427-2284

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5 Responses to Utah CNG Technicians Show Obama What a Wrench Ready CNG Stimulus Plan Really Is!

  1. Darren Kasparian says:

    You nailed the point once again Jim!

    I really enjoy your refreshing common sense and independent spirit. Do you know if Rep’s Draxler,Daw or any decision makers get these? This is convincing stuff people can use. If some of our “leaders” had 10% of this type of sense we would already be making green. Instead we keep sucking air while they “fix” everything for us from cradle to grave. “Hello I’m from the government and I’m here to help” GOD Help us!!
    and God Bless you Jim for being part of the solution and raising 12 Teenagers not to break into my truck at night!

  2. Symnsheenny says:

    Super site: will definitely visit again:)

  3. EnuraBard says:

    Engaging article. will come back soon.

  4. Denis Barba says:


    I love your blog. Your articles are great!! Keep up the good work.

    Do you know any good mechanics like yourself in San Diego who want to do CNG Conversion? I would like to organize CNG conversions in Californina, but I am not a mechanic. Also do you know of any CNG Technican training programs in San Diego?

    Thanks for taking the time for fighting for CNG and writing about it on your blog.


  5. Adam Filkins says:

    Excellent site. I really enjoy reading your articles. I look forward to reading your next installment!

    Thanks for your efforts towards a better tomorrow.

    Adam A. Filkins

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