Why I write

Why I Write

As you can tell by the subjects I write about I am passionate about CNG Conversions. You may also get the impression that I don’t like Government or their Regulations. This would be a fair assumption. I am an independent person, I like to solve my own problems and I am very autonomous. This doesn’t mean that I am anti-social, I love people, and I learn something from everyone I come in contact with.

Over the past 59 years I have survived a 1500 ft wet slab snow Avalanche while winter mountain climbing in the Washington Cascades, I have been almost crushed by logs weighing 1000’s of pounds while logging in the late 70’s, I have breathing Soda Ash from Mt Saint Helens eruption in 1980, I was watching as Utah Lake inundated many parts of Provo Utah in the Early 80’s, I am raising 12 children (and 12 teenagers are really scary).

All of these experiences have taught me that I can survive and carry on without help from the government. I have rebuilt and repaired 1000’s of vehicles over the past 30 years; CNG Conversions are just another challenge to overcome no big problem really. As we go into the Last Days we will experience things that will test everyone’s metal. As a mechanic I know I will stay busy but I want, at the same time, to be as self-sufficient as possible. The purpose of my articles is to educate, inspire and in a small way try to get people to think and act for themselves.

I hope this helps to explain some of my passion and independence, Jim

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2 Responses to Why I write

  1. Mike says:

    Jim, It was nice to get to know you more, this is what we need to do in our CCATS meeting, thanks for reminding me of that.

    I also have a large family, 7 children all grown, youngest 29 (Nancy and I had also fostered 20 teenagers while we were raising our first 7)… but we now have 27 grandchildren, all of them are girls except the 15 boys.

    I have a similar early life.

  2. Dan O'Neal says:

    Hey Jim.
    Some time back we had discussed some items”via e-mail”, and yet with all of your involvement, I somewhat doubt you recall our correspondences.
    Nonetheless, I thought I would touch base with you.

    Questions still arise for me. I have been interested in getting a foothold on either CNG installations or (at the least) kit sales and some technical backing.
    I’m in the Chicago area, and we have little access to fill stations, so most of my concerns are cost related and running on a “dual fuel” setup.
    Firstly is the EPA (sorry for swearing). My concerns are related to older vehicles over the 100k mark. So when considering these vehicles, the value of the cars make it near silly to convert, unless the car maintains value. I drive Mercedes, cars predominately (old ones) and we have no testing on cars from 1995 and below. Thus I am concentrating on those cars as well as older muscle/street rods.
    Heres are the kickers.
    What brand kits can be bought at a reasonable price?

    I hear of Poland selling kits at $400, and out of S. America at as low as $150, and yet here we get nailed. EPA again (potty mouth).

    Secondly, due to the lack of fill locations, are there reasonably priced home fill set ups?

    I hear of the Phill, and yet they are a slight bit pricy, and above that is there is a life span until they need rebuilt. Other options?
    There is a slim possibility that if we get numbers on the road, we may have a local gas station who might be interested in setting up a refueling setup, but that is down the road.

    Any comments will be appreciated.
    I also here from the grapevine, that Utah politicians are trying to tax you guys. Sorry to here.

    Dan O’

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